God Gave Me Style (8+25+05)

When I was a baby the only time my parents would hold me is when they wanted to read the newspaper 

Because the newspaper was my diaper back then

I thought it was because they loved me and wanted me to stop crying

But they didn’t care if I flooded the house with tears 

I should have so they can drown in my salty pain

They say God’s favorites have a hard time

Well if my life was easy sailing I would be mad that I’m not on the big man’s list

I have my best conversations with God

He’s a great listener, he doesn’t wanna talk, he just wanna know my aches

I thank God for the opportunity to get my head off that pillow every morning, just to do it again hopefully 

God gave m a bottle of style

There was a frown before, but after I drank it, I have a smile – Wednesday 


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