Bobbi Kristini didn’t die today. She been dead. It’s just now official. 

This is going to sound sick, but I swear I thought she died like 2 months ago. When they found her body in the bathtub, I remember leaning over to my elderly neighbor and saying “She’s dead, Mary Ann.” Then they kept trying to keep her brain alive, and I remember being mortified that doctors actually thought she was going to make it. This news should have been displayed a long, long time ago. She was basically a vegetable when they found her.
I haven’t been following the Bobbie Kristini episode since it happened, but I know it happened. Every once and in a while in the last 6 months I would be on Yahoo and see the latest news on her and think, “Dang!  She still alive?” When the news ceased I thought she did so as well. Therefore, I was surprised to check my reader and see a post about her passing. To me, she been dead.  The machines she was hooked up to just kept her “fresh.”  I would not be surprised if some type of reality show was being filmed around this for the last 6 months. I would not be. Boom! 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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