Putting Your Phone On Vibrate But Sitting It On The Table Is Still Distracting … Especially If I Need Something To Write On

Futuristically Yours

Reading Guide:

  • Narration is aligned left with italics.
  • Character names are capitalized with their dialogue underneath. Anything in parenthesis in-between their name and dialogue is how they deliver their lines.
  • Setting description precedes every new scene.


Male and female student sit across from each other studying when the former’s phone rings.


Hey, can you please put your phone on vibrate? I’m trying to concentrate. It’s ringing back to back. That’s like your 8th missed call.


I’m sorry. It’s my girlfriend. We had a big fight last night. She thinks I’m cheating on her. I’ll put it on vibrate now.



Male student sitsphone on table. When it rings again the vibration shakes the table causing the female to make an error in her writing.


Hey, umm, sorry to bother you again, but could you like take it off the table? I’m…

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