So sick of wasting my time on people

i just met this girl today (10th). She told me to call her because she wanted to tell me about her horrible blind date. When the conversation progressed to hobbies and interests that’s when it happened. The damn mystery. As I’m talking about writing and drawing (something she said she do too) the phone hangs up. I heard her utter a few words indecipherable words and my phone clicked. I suspect this was deliberate as I have texted her twice asking what happened. I haven’t called back. And I won’t. Neither will I text again. I don’t get it. I’m not buying “my phone died” or “I dropped my phone” or “I had an emergency call.”  Fuck all that bullshit. This mysterious crisp happens way too often, where something odd will happen in my contacts with another person and they take forever to clear it up. By the time they do I have already snapped and subsequent contact is deeply affected. 

Then I have these two bloggers who I talk to offline. I really wanna talk to them and bounce ideas off them but they are unavailable as hell. Then when they do reply to my message and I reply right back it takes them forever again. This makes me not wanna talk in the first place. I’m not built for infrequent communication. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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