Why I Hate Twerk Videos … Now

You know, I use to like twerk videos. Use to. What changed? The day I started posting videos. Creative videos. Videos with real effort. Videos with scripts that were 2 years in the making. I can’t describe how bitter, how jealous, how angry I get when I see a girl turn around, bend over, put her hands on her knees and gyrate her butt to the tune of thousands and thousands of views. Sometimes even millions. Seriously the highest count I seen is 20 million. I use to masturbate to twerk videos with a smile on my face. But now? But now I just do it with a “big ass” frown? I am mad, people!

But this has given me an idea. I’m going to turn the tables on the Internet. At first I was gone just market my videos with sexual thumbnails but nah. Once they see they been duped they won’t watch the whole video. So, therefore, I’m going to put up my own twerk videos. No, not with me shaking my ass, fool. I’m going to either steal other people videos and put it on my channel. Or better yet, I’m going to partner up with a twerker in my immediate area and have my real YouTube Channel on the buttocks of her booty shorts. Now we not posting these on her channel. We posting them on mines. Then once I get 15K subscribers like “DaRealClapper” I’m going flip the script and start back posting my creative shit. Now I realize these twerk videos will probably disbar me from being a YouTube Partner. But for now, I just want the views and subs. Then later on I will clean up my act.

So, if you are a twerker in my area and want to advertise my creative stuff on your butt then holla at me in the comments section. And oh, YOU NOT GETTING PAID! You will do this for free. You will. You know why? Because I bet some of you twerkers are actually smart women. Probably got some junk in your trunk and in your mind, huh? So you should help me with my creative endeavors to kill the stereotype that yall don’t have real talent. And plus I will have some female roles coming up in season 2 that you will be first in line to get. So let’s change the world one cheek at a time!


What Are Your Thoughts?

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