One Thousand Views

Originally posted on July 4th.

This gotta go on the main blog (although I will delete it and post it on the secondary). Although, I’m 11 views from it, I’m going to go ahead and acknowledge this milestone: Reaching a thousand views on my first YouTube video. I’m not worried about videos 2-6 at this point because they wouldn’t make any sense no how if you don’t watch the first video. It’s like TV. Some shows you can watch in the middle without knowing what happened in the last episode. Then there are some shows that rely on continuation. For instance, I own the first 3 seasons of Suits and missed the entire Season 4 virtually. So imagine my surprise when I saw the première of season 5 and saw Mike marrying Rachel, Louis being a named partner, Donna leaving Harvey. I was lost as hell. And that’s how you would be if you looked at my videos out of order.

One of the things I wanted to do when I reached a thousand views was delete my Twitter account. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t allow you to do so on a mobile. So I have to wait until I get internet on my laptop, which will be soon. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I only started one to promote blog posts. I also hate to see some of my favorite celebs thoughts go unread. But this is my life. I also hate to relinquish my username which is perfect. So to those who only communicate with me on there, goodbye. Soon as I get internet on my laptop.

I’ve also been considering leaving WordPress too. Leaving blogging to vlog. YouTube is more important to me because of the financial opportunity that is present. But I know I really can’t leave because I like writing and I really don’t use paper and pen anymore. But that will change soon. But video is way more of a priority to me than text. Plus, I don’t have any real connections on here. It may be about 3 people still around since my early days of blogging but they aren’t real connections. We only communicate online. That’s fake to me. I’m tired of people going in and out of my life. Tired of fake conversations.

Besides certain posts (like my last) I do WordPress for me. All it is, is writing. Something I will never stop doing. It’s just now script writing and performing.

To contradict what I just said, I actually would like to write everyday on here. Quality stuff though. I just need to figure out a way to do it. Like how to make ideas ready to post. Most of the stuff I write I sit on because it’s not ready.

I like to imagine those fireworks I hear outside is celebrating my milestone.

Goodbye fake connections!


3 thoughts on “One Thousand Views

    1. This is my second blog where I just write random stuff but it got 50 subs since May. The key to it was poems. I’m telling you if you got poems post them or write some poetry. And make sure you use the poetry tag. It’s a big community of poets on here.


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