My parents found this video in my YouTube History. I had a lot to explain :(

While I was gone for camp, my parents cleaned my room. I didn’t know cleaning up meant to open up your son’s laptop and check his internet history. Jeersus! Anywho, they checked my YouTube history and clicked on each one. All they found was nice Disney stuff but it was this one video. I was watching HowToBasic video on how to interrogate someone. Ironically, I was the one who got interrogated.  They scolded me for being into weird shit and that I liked watching child abuse. That was a ducking doll. It  wasn’t real. Now I have no internet for a week. I’m not even typing this right now. I wrote a letter to my friend Tyler, gave him the password to my WordPress and he is typing it. I guess I should say “I” instead of “he.”  Lol. Hey, you guys, it’s Tyler. I promise to not write any crazyyyyyyyyy stuff while you know who is gone. Ha!


What Are Your Thoughts?

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