Why do I have to use a sexual thumbnail to get people’s attention? Smh 

Remember what I wrote yesterday? Well it happened. I woke up to my “real” video having 687 views and my “secret” video having 724 views.  Which will reach a thousand first? Obviously the latter, and I’m not saying that because it has the lead. It just took the lead for the first time not too long ago. I’m saying it will because it is only 60 seconds and has sex appeal. I can understand the former but the latter makes me sick. My real video was years in the making and has effort. The script for my second video was done the same day it was posted. And it only took 2 videos for me to get it right. Now do I have to market my real videos with a sexual thumbnail to do my numbers? Is this attracting men only? Or are women clicking on this stuff too? I haven’t checked my demographics yet. Fortunately, my next 4 “real” next videos will be under 3 minutes. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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