Secret Video

I posted two videos today. The next episode of my 12 week video series. Then I posted a secret video to another channel.  I did this for several reasons. The main reason is if my “fake” video go viral I will attach my real video, via Subtitles and in the description. It hasn’t been an hour and it has over a 100 views. That makes me mad. Because my real video is at 3 videos in the 2 hours it’s been posted. The advantages this fake video has is its only 60 seconds, about sex, and utilizes humor/drama. I promoted this video on only 2 sites for it to perform well. Speaking of which, I’m not totally happy with my performance in Video 6 after giving my best performance in the last video (the 1st one is my fav too). I got two weeks off until my next video, which is a break from my weekly updates. If you paid attention to the end of my first video you will know why I’m skipping out on next week. 

To whomever this concern, I want you to know I am a very meticulous person. I like small details. All of my dialogue has a purpose. It may seem like filler right now. But most of everything I say will come full circle later on. Lines that may seem like throw-away will have a purpose later on. If you ever read one of my stories on FY you know I always have these twists at the end. Well it’s coming…


What Are Your Thoughts?

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