My Disgust With Stay At Home Moms/Housewives

This post is raw without regard for editing and grammar. If you wanna read something more polished go to FY.

Not the independent ones. If you are able to stay at home and support yourself with your OWN income then cool. I’m talking about the ones who stay at home and rely on a man’s income to even keep the house in the first place. It’s disgusting that you think it’s okay for you to be in the comfort of a home without worries while the man is breaking his back at a job he despises. But if you’re stupid enough to let this happen in the first place then you are a sucker and deserve all the pain coming your way. Because you know who will come out on top in the end, don’t you? 

This post was inspired from Yahoo answers. Posts asking why does society and working women look down upon “stay at home moms and housewives.” Y’all attempts to defend while you need to be at home is humorous. Then I saw this post about Muslim women. It said Allah requires them to. That they are closer to him in their home. That a man is misguided if he wants his wife to contribute to the finances. WTF!!!! MISGUIDED?! LMAO. 😭😭😭 I can’t believe people actually believe this. Obviously the stay at home mom/housewife won’t have no issue with this because she benefits. And if your man is stupid enough to let this happen then who cares? But in the end, when the relationship is over, he will be looking dumb. 

I also been hearing women say men in this era not built like they was in the 50’s, 60,etc. Meaning they not taking care of them. Umm…maybe because women were severely oppressed back then. No jobs, can’t vote, no power, no influence. I guarantee you if women had the same opportunities they have now back then, men wouldn’t be taking care of them like that. Again, of course, a woman will say this because it was her gender that benefited from this. Women who think like this are lazy and disgusting. 

But why should I care when I’m not a Muslim, can’t be conned into letting a girl stay at home, and not in the business of taking care of a woman who has a masters degree? I don’t care actually, but then I do. I hate to hear a guy at the end of his relationship how he didn’t see something coming when she cheats on him or take everything he works for. It’s a reason why women generally live longer than men. Because of all the physical activity men do compared to women. Who you think will live longer? A woman who is at home all day or a man at a warehouse for 16 hours (working double shift for him and her). 

The main excuse I read why the woman wants to stay home is because of the kids. “I need to raise our son so he doesn’t grow up to be a serial killer.” My rebuttal is, “I want to be a stay at home dad. I don’t wanna miss out on my child’s first steps and first words.” She is going to say, “No. Someone has to work and bring in the money.” Soooo why does it have to be the man? How come it can’t be the woman???? 

I play the background a lot and just be observing relationships and always wondered, especially when it comes to a married couple: Why does the husband let the wife get away with so much shit? He’s scared she gonna take all his shit. The kids (which is the most important to me), his money, house, and other material possessions. But not just in marriage. But in general. Why do men let non-related women slide with so much shit? The answer is pussy. Nothing in the world has power until YOU give it power by putting it on an invisible pedestal. Now this does actually affect me because since most of y’all men are weak and do all this crazy shit to have sex with a girl. Then when she comes across someone who doesn’t shower her with attention and who puts more emphasis on mind than body she will expect the same treatment she got from other men. And she will be very disappointed. 

I have also noticed every time a man and woman have a falling out its always about pussy and money. Directly or indirectly. I am still waiting on a male and female to separate over creative differences that couldn’t be compromised. It’s always about pussy (for him) and money (for her). I still also have yet to see a single handsome male and a beautiful single woman work together without hooking up. One of my favorite shows on TV is Suits. Now I haven’t seen Season 4 and watched the first 2 episodes of the 5 and I hate what I see. They are making the show all about damn relationships. I see more about Mike and Rachel getting married than about the actual damn law. 

I hate relationship bred people, who always talk about the opposite sex and who broke they heart or who they crushing on. And that’s they whole damn conversation with you. I also hate to be sized up and having people fantasize about us being in a relationship and what would it be like. Fuck your relationships and its problems. You think I wanna hear about that shit when I got billion dollar ideas waiting to be executed. I don’t wanna be your boyfriend or your husband. I wanna be your business partner. Then when that’s accomplished then MAYBE we can discuss a romantic partnership.

 I want to be a force to be reckoned with. 

Wow! I didn’t expect for this to be that long. But unlike most bloggers I won’t apologize for my rant. I write what I want. You read what you want. 


7 thoughts on “My Disgust With Stay At Home Moms/Housewives

  1. I would just like to say I couldn’t imagine myself being a stay at home mom / wife (kids or no kids) while my (future) husband slaves away to pay for us. I have a feeling my fiancé won’t mind but, I’d have to take up all the housework myself. I’d home all day, more than normal, right?

    But, seriously. I would go insane. I like my job. It would suck to miss so much of your child growing up but you’re right about that. Why she and not you?

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    1. “It would suck to miss so much of your child growing up…” Shouldn’t the father feel the same way? Why is it acceptable for the dad to miss it in exchange for busting his ass at a job (most likely at a job he hates) and for the woman to have a front row seat at watching history? Because, who knows, that child may be President, boxing champion of the world, a lawyer, etc. Just grow up to be something special. This is the reason children are more attached to the mother. Not to mention being in her stomach for 9 months (but let’s not forget they are in the man’s balls first). The mother spends most of the time with the child to develop this bond. And this is why society treats men like the disposable parent. He’s gone all the time anyways.

      Again I’m not talking about single/independent stay at home moms who are entrepreneurs and work from home. I’m talking about those who depend on their man to bring home the bacon and those who do make their money but won’t share it with their man.


      1. You should look at history for that. For ages it was seen as “proper” and long term habits are hard to break. Men just didn’t take care of children. I know I missed my father when growing up which shows children do need their father. But, I’m not every woman and sadly enough not every woman thinks like I do. I would love to share responsibilities with my fiancé because raising children can be very draining.
        I agree with you with the “women who just stay home to stay home just isn’t right”. I don’t think a father is a disposable parent though. Children need their father just as much as they need their mother.

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      2. Yeah, I know we have similar opinions on this, but if you look at society and advertising it treats fathers as the disposable parent. Example: We have a store here called Family Dollar. Their logo is the outline of 3 family members. One you could tell is the adult and the other 2 are the children. The one that is the adult is obviously the mother. There is no father outline. No two adult outlines. And this place has family in their name. Little stuff like that makes me angry and not wanna have kids.


      3. Hmm, that’s a very different view of what we have where I am from. The “family” is (mostly) always 2 parents and 2 children. Depending on the topic it can differ from mom + children or dad + children. I guess it really depends on where you’re from mostly and what the target is?


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