Back to writing for ME

Watch someone reads this without actually reading. 

I have a confession. This year I started to care again about being Freshly Pressed. I feel if you have been in an environment for 4 years you should have at least accomplished that neighborhood’s grand prize once. Although it didn’t have a photo attached to it I feel like my post I Accidentally Killed My Mom had the best shot. I knew none of the comics had the chance. Not because they are stick figures because one of my fav blogs Tabula Canida has been freshly pressed twice with stick figures. 

I also started to care about comments, followers and “likes” as I turned the notification back on. Well this post is to let whoever reads this to know I’m done. Fuck you! Unsubscribe, unlike, and send me a request to delete all your comments. I’m tired of this meaningless internet friend shit. This shit that won’t mean nothing in the long run. Not just online, but offline too. When I really need to talk to you, are you there? Are you there to encourage me when I’m feeling discouraged? Are you trying to build a empire with me? Or are you just “liking” my posts so I can check your blog out and do the same? Well fuck your blog! Fuck what you write! Fuck everything you do! Fuck your life! 

I follow 84 blogs compared to the 817 (not counting here) that follow mines. Honestly I don’t give a shit about most of you. Besides the 10 bloggers on my right sidebar the only other blogger who writes shit I care about is Heart Song Poet and Radiantly Raven. 

Anyway, I’m tired of this fake friend Internet shit. I’m not commenting, “liking” or subbing. In fact, those 84 blogs I mentioned will reduce greatly. And if I know you in real life the same goes. Tired of fake relationships. 

Anything I write for now on, especially on FY, is for my amusement in the future because I love writing something then reading it months later and feeling like someone else wrote it. 

Make a move. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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