Your Neighbors Cannot Know Where You Live, Okay?

Remind you, my apartment is right around the corner from the elevator. As I was walking towards my door with grocery bags in one hand, keys in other, two guys came out their apartment, which is at the end of the hallway. Think fast, Har+new. Okay, got it! I walked pass my apartment, met them head-on, and exited on the staircase and walked one floor above and rode the elevator back down. What if I didn’t have the presence of mind to go on the above floor and went a floor down and as the elevator opened up I saw them? Or what if they wasn’t going to the ground floor and was going on the above floor themselves? Now I know that doesn’t make sense since they live next to the staircase, but remind you, one of the guys suffered from obesity. It’s very possible!

Have you checked out my YouTube channel? Are you a fan of Fight Club? Do you have an attention that lasts 8 minutes and 19 seconds? Do you like your YouTube videos without background noise and only the musicality of the creator’s voice? Are you epileptic and hate a thousand jumpsuits? Do you prefer an intimate setting where you feel like the narrator is talking to you on a Google Hangout date? Do you smell what the Rock is cooking? Aight, click the “press play icon” at the top or if you suffer from carpal tunnel just go here. There’s 4 videos but start here or you will be confused. Or how about I just embed it here? It’s the only thing I want you to give me for birthday, so if you don’t do it I will hold it against you FOREVER. And I do mean FOREVER! Like, for reals, I won’t get over it. I’m 4 serious!

I don’t know what the Rock is cooking, but I know what I’m about to cook…FISH!!! Oh, Hells Yeah! Wait, that was a Stone Cold reference? What?! Damn, I did it again!


What Are Your Thoughts?

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