When A Girl You Don’t Know Knocks At Your Door … Don’t Be Nice! Or Else!


Tonight is the 3rd time in a month some, some girl that lives in my building knocked on me door. I was caught off guard each time. I was watching the Avengers trailer when the first one knocked at my door. When I opened, she said she had the wrong floor. I was okay with that but when I saw she wasn’t wearing no shoes when she was walking backwards I got mad. Then she had the nerve to ask me did I have a fucking beer. Me so happy I’m not a typical male because the typical male would have said yes even if they didn’t have a beer. They would have took that for flirting and let her come inside their apartment. I plan on writing ย story on my main blog about this encounter. Me poppa was mad when I told him. I was stupid for opening the door without asking who it is. I’ll explain what I thought I seen through the peephole.

Second time was this girl across the hall asking did the UPS mon gave me her package. WTF. Why would he do that??? We have our own apartment numbers and the prior times he delivered your stuff and you wasn’t home he sat it outside YOUR door. Prior times I ran into her in the hallway I never spoke or looked at her. No attention PERIOD. When she woke me up out my sleep to ask me this that was me first time looking at her or talking to her.

Third time was tonight. Some censored knocked on my door and asked was I having water problems in me kitchen. NO! She said the maintenanceย man told her to check. I guess she lives below me. Something makes me wanna walk her floor tonight to make sure of that.

I was nice in each encounter but soon as they got out my face and I deeply thought about what happened it pissed me off. Especially the first one. If I could get do-overs I would have been the ultimate jerk.

Main reason these encounters piss me off so much is I’m very careful about people knowing where I stay, even if we live in the same building. I won’t even leave out my apartment if I hear noise in the hallway. Or if somebody is getting off on the same floor as me in the elevator I press the floor below or above and take the stairs. The other reason I don’t like these situations is because a man uses a woman to setup another man. If a woman isn’t being used as bait, she knows a man will think with his dick and not with his head, therefore, blind to the deception of what’s going on behind his back.


4 thoughts on “When A Girl You Don’t Know Knocks At Your Door … Don’t Be Nice! Or Else!

    1. Where the hell have you been young woman?! Huh?! And how you find my secret blog? And hell yeah I’m paranoid. I over analyze damn near everything. Far as that story go I’m mad at the third lady because that was real. We had a water leak in our building. It affected me too. (Water overflowing in sink). I hope everything going well with school and career wise ๐Ÿ™‚


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