Missing Puzzle Piece

Missing Puzzle Piece: 8+20+05 (August 20, 2005)

The cash, the crib, the clothes, the cars, everything seem to be in place

But the puzzle of my life is missing a pretty face

I search hard for that “lost chick”

But when I find her and try to connect her to the puzzle, she doesn’t fit

In a perfect world everybody has a soul mate

Well this world is far from perfect and is filled with many mistakes

My puzzle will probably never be complete

Because I can not find that one and only “she”

Maybe its because I’m not looking for her

Or maybe it’s because I’m blind and can’t realize she’s right in front of me

Eventually the ticks and rocks of the clock will tell

I don’t fall in love, I stand on love, my heart just doesn’t communicate well

King Pen


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