Encouraging Thunder Award


Since I started WordPress in May 2011 I have received numerous blog awards, however, I never accepted them. Two reasons. You’re a nominee and not a winner, which means there can be thousands of the former, but the latter can only be one. My second reason is accepting the award wouldn’t fit with my main blog themes and would force going out of character. Things have changed. I started this blog in 2011 too and haven’t published anything for it since October of that year. I’ve flirted with poetry being my 5th theme on FY for a while. I’ve done poetry structures in some of my posts. Even posted an old poem and said if it got 15 “likes” I would make it official. Close but no cigar. So I’ve decided to use this blog to post my old poetry and other random stuff. Material I feel like is not ready to be posted on FY.

I’m giving this acceptance speech SOLELY because of Karen from Shade But No Shade. Me and her had a convo on the 26th of May, which resulted in me highlighting her blog’s recent posts on my sidebar and making her my Gemini Twin. We even discussed collaborating on a creative project, which I’m looking forward to.

My purpose in blogging is writing again. If you took my blogs away me from I wouldn’t have much on-paper writings to show you from the last 4 years. When I  do something I like to be consistent with it. I may not post everyday but I’m consistent. There has always been at least one post from me every month. Virtually every blog I was following in 2011 and 2012 do not post anymore. The reason I started blogging also was to become a better persuasive writer. Yeebizan is actually a company I was trying to launch for career-minded college students who wanted to enter their profession halfway up the ladder. It’s an acronym: employee biz plan. I’m a big fan of Robert Greene’s books and I love how seductive his style is. I wanted to mimic that. And Yeebizan was my opportunity to do because much of the content is designed to influence. But because I was in the hypothesis phase and had no clients, I only could do practice material. I did two books. I just needed another platform where I could play with influential language. Thus, FY was born. The reverse-self-letter idea came about because I know who I will be at age 46. I know where I will be in life. I’m confident in my mental abilities. But that is only the end result. I still gotta go through the process and go along a journey. I can’t jump from the bottom step to the top. There is a middle row I can’t escape. That’s the process. So if I know who I am at 46 and happy with it but don’t know who I am at 23 and depressed about it then only one person can save me. And that’s me. I knew I needed 13 qualities to develop along my journey and that’s why I came out swinging with my first post on FY.

My nominees are:

Now on to The Rules:

  • What you cannot do:
    Abuse or misuse the logo.
  • Claim that it is your own handmade logo.
  • What you should do after receiving the Encouraging Thunder Award:
    • Enjoy the award!
    • At least give thanks via comments, likes and/or mentioning the blog that you received the award from.
    • Mention your purpose in blogging
    • Post it on your blog.
    • Grant other bloggers the award.

I will understand if you don’t want to participate. Did you read my first paragraph? I nominate y’all because there is consistency with catching my attention enough to make me engage with a post, whether it’s a “like” or comment.


30 thoughts on “Encouraging Thunder Award

    1. I can totally relate to the question. This is the first award I accepted. The rules I got state you should give thanks and appreciation for receiving the award. Mention your purpose for blogging. And grant other bloggers you enjoy the award. If you need further assistance, click on the link above Shade But No Shade. Also, they want you to post the pic.


    2. You are already entered. It’s just a nomination type of award. No actual winners. I gave it to talk because I appreciate your content. Just follow what it says under the header “Now On To The Rules.”

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      1. It’s this Saturday. I asked cause I thought you said it was bad. Mines is not gone go as planned. Gonna suck! I just want skip Saturday and go straight to Sunday.

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      2. The only thing I wanted for my birthday is for my YouTube channel to get off to a great start and reach the attention of Fight Club fans. I uploaded it on the 27th. This was my early birthday present to myself. I really wanna be a YouTube partner. I’m still happy I finally started after so many false starts and working on the scripts for 2 years. But even then I was forced to because Fight Club 2 came out on the 27th. But I’m still glad it forced me to do it. But the tricky part is marketing. I have a marketing plan but so far it has flopped. I just feel this big depression about to hit. I know it’s still early but when I fail I fail hard.

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      3. Sorry had to work…..Awwww I know how you feel, don’t worry you have to be patient. Things don’t work that fast even when we expect it too. I believe in whatever your marketing plan may be :). Keep trying!

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