Me Against The World

Me Against The World: 1+13+06 (January 13, 2006)

It’s me against the world, I will not lose

I will win because I’ma winner who has lost enough

Wax is in my ears when people tell me bad news

You talk action instead of acting out actions, I call bluff

Some call me cocky, some call me confident

It’s both, I’m confident and my Jimmy Ni is cocky

Thunder is the Lord’s way of giving me a compliment

I’m the only person that can stop me

I put the world on my back now the world wanna break my back

The only way you can be the best is if competition is around

He who runs from he who is walking is asking for a heart attack

Winners keep their head to the sky, losers walk wit their head down

It seems like everyone wants to bring me pain

But what don’t kill me only adds a E-R to my last name – King Pen


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